Brand Selection & Protection

Verso Law Group supports the global brand strategies of several famous apparel brands and wineries, as well as other renowned large and small companies from start-ups to established brands. We have extensive experience in global trademark clearance and registration.


We regularly conduct comprehensive trademark searches in the US and around the world. Our US searches can include an in-depth analysis of the federal trademark registry and unregistered use. For global clearance, we search national and global registries and partner with foreign counsel. We have specific expertise in launching wine brands.


We support the global brand strategies of several famous international brands, as well as other renowned large and small companies, and wineries in California and across the country.

Regenerative Organic Alliance

An example of a recent success at the USPTO, we recently overturned a refusal to register our client’s REGENERATIVE ORGANIC CERTIFIED certification mark.


We work with artists and brand owners to protect their copyrights for artwork, product packaging, logo designs, patterns, and marketing materials.


We have successfully registered or protected the trade dress for a variety of goods and services, including wine, apparel, food products and retail spaces.